I am Trompie

I am Trompie

or sometimes Mr T.

I hope we will have lots of fun and

a long-lasting relationship!


My mum is an amateur photographer trying her skills on me!

I don’t care if she takes photos

it sometimes gets very boring!

The same with her sitting in front of the computer typing and fiddling for hours!

Zero to Hero Blogger

Day three


6 thoughts on “I am Trompie

      1. I am sure Tiff would like to meet you too. She has trouble with a neighbour at the moment. But it is just one neighbour….Perhaps she is feeling a bit lonely when her family is out.

      2. It happens! (we got real bad weather here at the moment. Wind is blowing like crazy and it is raining . My son said this morning we already had 40mm – was early morning)

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