Afternoon walkies!

My mum decided, just before 4, that we should quickly take our walk

and then visit my cousins.

Mum usually has a cup of tea and I have a lovely run and play with Molly!

Half way down the road there was a rumbling and shaking movement.

Earth quake!

The roof of a nearby house was clattering, the earth was jolting and

 the power lines were swaying.

Mum stood still and listened and waited.

Then it was over.

After a while my big brother( my mum’s son) came

looking for us because the cell phones were not working!

We are all save and sound!


Report back on the quake –

Quake Details

Information about this earthquake and historical location data.

Public ID 2014p051675
Universal Time January 20 2014 at 2:52:45
NZ Daylight Time Monday, January 20 2014 at 3:52:45 pm
Latitude, Longitude -40.62, 175.85
Intensity ? severe
Focal Depth 33 km
Magnitude 6.2
Location 15 km east of Eketahuna

The centre of the quake was about  65 km away from us.


8 thoughts on “Afternoon walkies!

  1. I was recently at Eketahuna!! It is a funny thing that when I visit an earthquake prone place (overseas) – there is often a big quake within a couple of weeks after I leave. Iceland, Christchurch, and now Eketahuna! I don’t think I should visit Japan anytime soon, fortunately for them!!! Glad that you are ok. Stay safe Trompie, and look after Mum.

    1. Certain things just happen! Was a bit of a shock again. I was waiting for another shock but it didn’t come! It touched my heart that my son came to look for me because he couldn’t reach me by phone. Even my neighbor came to see if I was okay!

      1. It is, we are all together and I could also hear people asking their next door neighbors if they are okay!(I could hear them asking because I was still out on the pavement walking Trompie!) It brought tears to my eyes hearing that everybody cares!

      2. I agree. It helps to make yourself available in the open. Walking Trompie very day made me meet many people along the whole street. We always say just hi or ask how are you and that’s it!

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