Intruders: Thursday’s Special

There is something weighing very heavy on my heart.

I need to get it off my chest before it smothers me.

I am a very polite, well-mannered, softy!

Everybody loves to run over me and wants to take advantage of my good nature.

Well, this is going on for at least 3 weeks now.

I love to have my cousins over at my place BUT

they have taken over here.

I don’t have my own chair to be on in the mornings,

no own dog bed,

no place on mum’s bed,

no place on mum’s lap!

This really upsets me so much that I would just stand on my 4 legs, the whole morning, waiting for someone to get off my place!

That just doesn’t happen!

Even when somebody passes outside the window or when my mum comes back from the shops, my two cousins go crazy. They bark and make so much noise I have to stand way off   from where they are.

Usually when something passes I’ll let my mum know and then I’ll just keep an eye on it till the coast is clear.

Wow, I need to say I think I am like my mum.

She always wants to please everybody, no matter what and that is when people take advantage and think she is not good enough to do something on her own or knows something about the subject.

Well, I am the same.

This morning Luigi made himself at home in my bed and I thought:” To hell with you. I want to be near my mum while she is sewing. I’m moving in with you!”

This is how it was!

DSCF6311 DSCF6310

Okay, there is enough space for both of us, but still!



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