Taking a breather! Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

Woof to all of you!

It has been 5 days since I last showed myself to the world.

Very sorry to say,

my mum was so busy with her International student.

There was no time for sitting down and doing some blogging.

Hopefully everything will turn back to normal again.

I hope very soon too!

Here I am lazing in the sun for only two ticks.

I need to keep an eye on every movement and

do not have much time to take a breather!


My mum treasures me and

I treasure her!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure



25 thoughts on “Taking a breather! Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

      1. We’ll see how things go. at times I’ll just stand and won’t know what to do. It’s been 15 years since I’ve been living on my own. Whole new world at my age!Nearing my 70 now! I’m not really complaining because I need the income. South African money is worthless at the moment!

      2. That would be difficult, Ineke. When stress take over, it is hard to think straight. I have no doubt you will overcome it. All new experiences take time to adjust to, and it takes us more time to adjust as we get older. I am finding that out more and more with each year that passes. As long as you get something positive out of it?

      3. I have spoken a bit to my son just to get it off my chest. I know I’ll be okay at the end. It’s just that I want to do the best and that usually is the hardest thing to do. I am a perfectionist in many ways and that doesn’t help me much to calm down

      4. Perfectionist s are their worst enemy. I used to be one. am still a bit of one but I am learning to let go. I find feeling of anxiety often bring on a strong desire to put things right or control things that are outside one’s control. Something that I often think about is that it is not necessarily what is happening that is the stressor, but more my thinking about the situation. What is important is how I respond to that stressor. Go easy on yourself, Ineke. Give Trompie a hug for me. Having Trompie around is the best medicine.

      5. Thank you for explaining to me again. I just needed someone to talk to and you are the one that knows how it feels and how I feel. Thanks again for the support I appreciate it

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