Footprints!Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge;

Here we are in April already!


After my lovely weekend out we discovered that water was leaking out from under the deck.

That was Monday morning.

Mum started the washing and the water started to bubble out like a fountain!

She called a plumber and he said he’ll come and fix it!

Yesterday came and went and no plumber.

Today, Wednesday he came.

He dug a very deep hole to get to the leaking pipe.

They fixed the pipe and closed the hole.

Then for the love of it I decided to make some footprint not only in the mud…


also inside on the floor…

and against the window also!

IMG_6634 IMG_6635

I didn’t do anything wrong!


Dirty feet onto the chair, ha, ha!!!



9 thoughts on “Footprints!Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge;

  1. Scrapydo – the link under linkz does not work … I got here through the pingback on the challenge page. You are adorable — you couldn’t help it with mud everywhere!! I wouldn’t be mad at you — I’m sure mom understands!!

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