Believe me I can’t  believe the situation I am in at this moment!

Last night I jumped onto my mum’s international student’s lap!

I know she invited me up onto her lap while my mum wasn’t  in the room.

Mum came in and took these photos…

This one isn’t a good one Kiki kept on holding onto my ears and I didn’t like that


This one is better!


This one is the best but she still keeps on hanging onto my ears!




9 thoughts on “Friendship?

    1. Thanks, glad you love it! (I enjoy reading your posts, I am an introvert and very reserved that’s why I do not really comment easily. Language barrier is also a problem ):D

    1. That’s for sure! At first Kiki was afraid of me and I kept on getting to her from the back! She hated it but now my mum has explained what it is all about and we are getting along very well now!

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