Nearly fatal accident! Thursday special



Yesterday we went for our afternoon walk. About 3:30pm.

We always stay at our side of the main road because it is not good to cross the road.  The traffic is building up and traffic can be very heavy at that time of day. Everybody is going home after work.

Here you can see all the traffic!




Across the road there are usually also some dog walkers.

Well, yesterday a tiny Maltese poodle decided to run away from her mum, right in front of the oncoming traffic. My mum didn’t look as soon as the doggy started crossing the busy street. I kept on looking because I wanted to help her cross the street!!!

She ran across as fast as she could. First the traffic stopped at her side and then the traffic at our side also stopped to let her pass.

I was so excited to meet her, she was also happy to see me! My mum quickly picked her up and the traffic went on their way. My mum was really very upset and shocked by the way it all happened. All and all it took the dog not more than 5 minutes to come over stopping everybody on her way.

It could have turned out very ugly. Dog could have been run over and cars could have crashed into each other causing chaos on the road.

I have to say, there really was an angel keeping the doggy and also the drivers save.

The poodles mum was also shocked. She crossed the busy road and had a chat with my mum.

The poodle’s name is Lily and not a year old yet! She still has lots to learn.

I hope she never crosses the busy road on her own again!



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