Pony on the loose!

All of you know that my Mom and I go for regular walks every day.

This morning was no exception.

About 7:30 am we started off as usual.

It was really freezing cold.

The grass was covered with the first real frost for this winter.

We were walking down the road and guess what?

Something on 4 legs came galloping up the road from the Main Street!

I thought, goodness me! This is a BIG dog.

It came straight for us.

My mom started talking to this big MONSTER.

As soon as I wanted to go for it, it turned around and galloped away in full flight.

Phew, I wonder what I would have done with it if  I caught it.

Poor animal ran straight back into the traffic!

I hope they could catch it and take it to a save place.


Must say:

Never a dull moment when I am taking my walk.


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