Writing 101, Day One: Unlock the Mind

This is where it all starts!


Here we go!

June 02, 2014

Dear Diary

On The Breeze, a radio station here in Wellington there is a Dear Diary at least once a week. The diary is usually a page  from a well know personality! (more joking than anything else) This is why I am going to do one page from my daily life here with my human Mom.

Starting early morning my Mom gets up at about 7:15am. This is when our student has to wake up to go to catch the bus. Sometimes she is so slow she misses the bus! This happened twice now!

While my mom visits the bathroom I still linger a while stretched out on the bed. As soon as she goes to the kitchen to boil the kettle I jump up and have a look if something eatable is going on there.

Mom gets dressed. Then off we go at 7:30am for my first walk. At the moment it is very frosty and icy on the grass. I don’t care. I still have a lot to sniff and see and remember who visited each spot. We usually take about 20 minutes to finish our first walk. During this walk we usually come across the lady living across the road of me. She has a sheep dog who loves to jump the fence. He is so wild. He usually wants to show me how to go home with him! Then there are my two cat friends Buddy and Noopy who always say hello to us.

After coming home it is time for breakfast but first the birds need to be given their morning bread also. There are lots of sparrows each morning waiting. I always look for the pieces of bread they drop on the cement. They love to pick up a piece and fly away when I chase them. In their hurry the let it fall and yummy another piece for me to eat.

Breakfast done, mom takes her shower and dresses for the day. Then just after 9:30 am, depending on the weather, we go up the hill for a longer walk. This takes about 30 minutes also depending on how many friends are outside saying hello to me. I love to go sniffing up the hill. I know each passing dogs smell. Just on top of the hill lives Conner. He is a cute old Maltese poodle. He is so gentle and soft. His mom is the same, very soft hearted and gentle.

At the end of the grove lives my best mate Jack. He is starting to be grumpy when I visit him. I think he thinks I am competition! No worries, I had my operation. I am not competitive at all. I think he just wants to be my boss. I don’t care to be bossy, I try to obey him but still he really wants to bite me. I usually hide behind his owners legs. That is something he hates because he is jealous!

Our afternoon walks are not so exiting because we go early just before everybody takes their dogs out for the afternoon.  There are always lots of places to smell and leave messages for everybody. This walk is most of the time at 3:30 pm. The last walk is just before bedtime at about 9:30 pm. Just a quick one before we go to bed.

This is how my days are!



7 thoughts on “Writing 101, Day One: Unlock the Mind

      1. Sal ook weer verby gaan. Weet nie of ek regtig van die erge koue hou nie.Net bly ek hoef nie op te staan om te gaan werk nie!

    1. To tell you the truth – I do it because I need the exercise and fresh air more than. Trompie. It keeps both of us fit.
      How are you going with your photography and your retirement?

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