Trompie meets Trompie!

I could not believe it!

My mom has got this new “laptop” as they call it.

In the evening while she watches TV she also has this laptop

 open and fiddles on it.

My place is with her on her lazy boy.

I am usually sleeping between her legs while she watches TV.

The first time when she opened this laptop I was so shocked.

I started growling and kind of barking because

I saw a dog in this laptop.

The best was it was also opening its mouth as if it wanted to grab or attack  me.

The nearer I got to this dog the nearer it came to me too!


Woof woof, I saw myself!


10 thoughts on “Trompie meets Trompie!

      1. Ek weet nie Wil nie Windows opdateer en vanoggend is die skerm net wit. Ry na die plek wat ek in die laaste tyd gebruik het en hulle het toegemaak Geen nommer agtergelaat Lizelle het darem ‘n nommer gegee en ek het hom nou gaan aflaai

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