Lovely walk, now I am dog tired!


Jack is okay.

The tumor weighed over  1.5 kg!

He is home and recovering after operation.

Must be kept still for 6 weeks!

Don’t know how that will be!

Today’s outing


The wind was blowing and also very cold


I left many letters for all my furry friends!


I met dogs along the way!

Two nice corgis.

The male, on the right, at first did not want me to come near his beautiful partner.


I also met a lab, a sheepdog and a kind of spaniel.

(Mum wasn’t quick enough to take photos)

We went to the duck pond!

I love it there.

Then on our way home I had to take a pit stop!

Walking for 2 hours is very tiresome.


Along came a fox terrier and I was up and going again.

(Hope the clip works)


4 thoughts on “Lovely walk, now I am dog tired!

    1. Beslis ja! Nou is Trompie pootuit. Hy kon nie wag dat ek moet gaan sit dat hy kan kom slaap hier op my stoel. Ek voel self ook om n uiltjie te knip op die oomblik( sal seker netnou gebeur sodra ek stilsit en kastig TV kyk)

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