Writing 201: What’s your Angle?

Writing 201: What’s Your Angle?

( Writing a letter to a dear young friend through the eyes of Trompie!)

Dear Milly

Why are you so afraid? You are still very young and are supposed to enjoy life as it comes along!

We met last week, while you were out on a walk. I looked in those beautiful brown eyes and saw that something is really bothering you. At first you quickly came to me when I sniffed to say hello. Then you just cringed away and were not interested in coming near me again. Not strange for a 5 month old puppy but still not good at all.

Your human mother told my mum that you just came from the vet and she has made an appointment with a dog psychiatrist in Petone! She mentioned that as soon as you get in the  car you get sick. Not a little bit but really very sick as soon as you get into the car. Then also that you get very excited when something goes on near you and you then just want to hide away from everything.

Why are you like that my dear Milly? I can see it in your eyes you are very upset when you start to feel the excitement of your human mum talking about you. Your mum is a very excited, stressed kind of person and you are responding to how she feels!

I think it isn’t  you who has the problem but your mum! She has to calm down and stop telling everybody about your anxiety. I also know that you were living in a very stressful environment since you arrived here. Home renovations aren’t  for dogs, especially puppies who need a lot of care and quiet time.

I hope that your visits at this clever doctor will calm you down. It is hard for humans to understand that dogs are pack animals. We need to be with our human pack all the time. If you don’t get  the right guidance how to behave while you are still young, it is going to be hard on you for the rest of your life.

I love you very much and wish you the best for the future.

Your dog loving friend

DSCF6672 Trompie




14 thoughts on “Writing 201: What’s your Angle?

      1. Jou reply het ook n uitroepteken hier by my! Daar is regtig net by jou n probleem ander ouens is almal reg. Dis nadat jy jou fotos se groote verander het dat dit begin het!>

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