Endearing: Travel Theme

After a bad weekend I could not help to ask my Mum:

Why did you leave me alone that long at the Doggy Hotel?


Mum dropped me off at the hotel Wednesday 30 July and

Molly and Luigi’s mum and dad came to pick me up on Monday

4 August.

You didn’t come yourself!

Then those good people at the hotel

groomed and clipped me.

(My mum always does it)

I was so shocked and terrified.

I am so glad I am back with my mum I never let her out of my sight.

I’ll put some more photos of myself

later on when mum has time to do it.

Enjoy your week.

Until next time all good friends

licks to you



16 thoughts on “Endearing: Travel Theme

      1. Ja jong ek dink die geskeerdery en battery het hom heeltemaal ontstel en dan nog die dae weg van die huis ook. Wel hy sal maar daaroor moet kom ook. Nou is dit nog ysig koud en reenerig ook. Hy hou niks van die reen wat so op sy kaal ore en lyf val nie.

      2. Ek het hom geboek vir n skeer. Nie gedink die weer gaan so sleg wees meer nie. As son uitkom is dit al heel warm. Dis net hierdie sneeu wat alles so kod maak

  1. I must say that you are very handsome ! … I have never been on a dog hotel yet … I have an old couple who take care of me when Maria is at her work at the hospital …
    // Yarri 🙂

    1. Thanks for the compliment! I am in a lucky position that my mum does not go to work, she is retired! The dog hotel has way to many dogs, running around and the barking all day and night! very tiring! v_v

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