After a heavy pour down, my big sister came to the rescue….

My Mum and I went for our usual early walk

Not far from home we had a heavy down pour and

we both got soaking wet.

I am in the lucky position to have a big sister.

She was ready with a few towels and dried me.

She does this drying so softly that she hardly dried me thoroughly.

When my mum does the drying, she rubs me with force.

I love it when my mum dries me, she also uses her hairdryer.

I love the hairdryer.

It dries me nice and warm.

Here is my big sister drying me.

(bit dark but you can still see how it was)




22 thoughts on “After a heavy pour down, my big sister came to the rescue….

    1. Ooo haai Lilly jong die een is net op rugleuning gedrapeer. Daar is op elke stoel n eie een! My ou ma is so kwilterig dat dit gladnie meer snaaks is nie.(Sy het gelukkig hierdie jaar nie veel gekwilt nie- sabbatsreis weg van dit gedoen. Vandat sy die student het doen sy niks nie naaldwerk nie!)Bly jy skryf bietjie vir my jong! v_v

    1. Me too, the rub down is all I love too. I hate bathing- why do we dogs have to shampooed and clean I don’t know!( I think when I bathed him the first time he got a fright. Picking him up and lowering him into the bathe and into the water was scary)

      1. Tiff was terrified when I took her to the vet for a Hydrobath. I have a photo of her where she looks so terrified and tries to get out…
        And after a nice bath, when we go for a long walk, she works hard to find some stinky poo in the dog park, just to add a touch of eau de toilette!!!!

      2. Ha ha, that’s just how it is! The owner of the kennels where Trompie was groomed and cleaned told me that as soon as he picks Trompie up he clings with his front legs around his arm and doesn’t want to get into the water.

      3. This is definitely a Schnauzer thing. They are so human like. I have never known a dog to cling to a human like Trompie and Tiff does….. it is unusual but so touching. Makes me feel a little emotional when I think of it…

      4. Trompie reacts differently to my student. I think she must have scared or hurt him while I wasn’t home. He is very scared to go near her at times. Also at times very submissive to her! I get tears in my eyes when he reacts like that to her. I feel sorry for both of them. She means well but does not have an idea what the meaning of Trompie’s reaction is

  1. Trompie is very smart to be able to communicate in two languages!!
    I don’t think many dogs like the bath… we had Dachshunds when I was a child, and they hated a bath!

  2. Haha! I don’t have very good eyesight and when I was looking at the picture I kept seeing a woman bending over. It looks like her hiney is sticking right up in front of the camera! I kept looking at it closer and it is the blue chair!! Haha! Cute dog!

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