Writing 101: Serially Lost

Today, write about a loss. The twist: make this the first post in a three-post series.



Charley is/ was a King Charles Spaniel. She had this cute doggy face and was always happy go lucky.

Every morning when I go for my walk with my dog, Trompie, Charley would greet us on the balcony of her home on top of the hill. She also had a big buddy named Conner. They both would sit there,  singing their early morning song with a : “Woo, woo, hoo!” welcoming Trompie and me. Telling the world that we were passing!

Usually when Jan, the owner is home, the two dogs would dash downstairs barking and calling in happiness for the meeting. I usually go in at the back and let them play and run around.

Trompie and Charley would enjoy chasing each other all the way without stopping. Conner is a bit older than the two wild ones. He will run once or twice and then just stand and watch as Trompie and Charley go wild.

This morning when I came back from my early first walk, I heard someone crying up the hill.  I could not see anyone. I thought:” Maybe  one of the girls who was kicked out after a night of partying!”

I went for my 9 o’clock walk up the hill but nobody was outside on the balcony calling us to come and play. I went around the grove and still no dogs outside. I told Trompie:” They must are still  sleeping!” We were halfway down the hill when somebody stopped at the other side of the road. It was Charley’s owner and she was crying her eyes out.

She explained between the sobs that:

“Charley and Conner got out of the gate and were on the railway lines. Charley was hit by a train and died in my arms while at the vet.”  It was her crying earlier in the morning.

I was really shocked to hear the sad news.

Charley was only 9 months and such a sweety.

I think she is in heaven now, happily playing with all the other dogs.


13 thoughts on “Writing 101: Serially Lost

  1. So very sad! I’m sorry to hear of that sad news. If this were a fictional post, you could write it from the view point of Scrappy – with him being the narrator. In this point I wasn’t sure if it was you or Scrappy talking then decided it was you.

  2. So hartseer – Spaniel is voorwaar ‘n oulike en slim hond. My vriendin sin, Tessa, was soos ‘n kind in haar huis.

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