Sad, sad, sad – Jack can’t be my friend anymore!

I am totally gobsmacked!

I am telling you the whole episode as my Mum put it in writing. She read it to her  ‘It’s write Easy’ writing group on Friday.

I still can’t believe what happened after all we did for Jack and his owner! Shows you human nature:  They are angry with themselves because they are in the wrong and we dogs have to bear the consequences.



These are my mum’s words as she explained it to me:

Dog problems started Saturday evening when Jack’s owner knocked on my door at about 10 pm. He was looking for Jack and thought I might have seen or heard him. Jack often runs away from home and comes over to knock on my door to tell me he is there. I usually let him in and then take him home. When it is late at night I’ll call his owner and he’ll come to pick him up. Not on Saturday night, I did not hear or see Jack. When Damian the owner was gone my phone rang. My next door neighbor – I pushed the wrong button and cut her off. I saw it was her!

Another ten minutes later – knock on the door again!

“ Not Damian again” I thought! No, not him but my neighbor with Jack in her arms. “Jack was with me on my  bed” was her explanation. (I think she heard Damian and woke up with Jack next to her?) I took him in because she dumped him at my place. I called Damian’s home number, no answer, his mobile phone – no answer and left a message, I told him Jack was with me. Then again the home phone – no answer and gave the message:” I’m putting Jack outside and that’s it!” Off went Jack.

Monday morning I passed Jack’s place but nobody was outside and Damian’s van wasn’t there.

Tuesday morning I took Trompie for his walk and passed Jack’s place. Damian was mowing the lawn and Jack was sitting on the deck on the lead. Usually I let Trompie off  his lead and Jack also and they will run around a bit. Then off I’ll go. Jack never follows me.

This time it did not happen. Damian was angry and shouted at me that Trompie  wasn’t  allowed to go near his place because every time Jack runs off he goes straight to my place(which is a lie, Jack visits everybody with an open gate even an open door!)  Jack runs of because of Trompie!!( Jack is more interested in other dogs and people’s food lying around). I was very upset and also furious with  all the accusations Damian made!

Anyway, he had to pay a $100 fine because somebody down my road called the dog catcher. I told him that it wasn’t me and it’s not my problem. Damian kept on arguing and accusing me of the way Jack is behaving.

Guess who called the dog catcher? Yes, of course, my dear neighbor. Jack must have gone back to her. She called and the dog catcher picked him up on Sunday!

  I am innocent and I never even think of calling the SPCA. I thought just let Jack turn up here again and I’ll do it.

 Jack isn’t  the problem:  no 1.  his owner is supposed to fence his place in or keep him at the back which is fenced in, 2. nurture Jack – will keep him off the sniffs to every bitch!  3. have a fight with my neighbor and not with me!


now I can’t say hello to Jack anymore!







28 thoughts on “Sad, sad, sad – Jack can’t be my friend anymore!

  1. So sad… My neighbour’s dog “escapes” periodically and makes a beeline to our house – he’s always bored, lonely and hungry so who can blame him: just like poor Jack it seems…

    1. Same here! He is usually away for 2 hours or more before his owner starts looking around for him! That’s not looking after your dog to me! Trompie never gets the opportunity to walk out on his own. Always on his lead and with me!

      1. Having a dog is the same as having a small child in the house – if they aren’t under your feet, within earshot or making noise something is definitely not right…

  2. Aggenee ..dit is jammer .. jaregelede het ons buurvrou se kat sommer gedurende die nag by die venster ingeklim en op ons bed kom lê .. wonder wat het van die buurvrou en haar kat geword?

    1. Ai, toe druk ek verkeerde knoppie en weg is my skrywe! My buurvrou is moedswillig en soek aandag. Jack se baas is ook netso moedswillig. Net jammer arme Jack is die Ongelukkige ou en Trompie mis sy ou maat! Nie dat hul gedurig by mekaar is nie.

    1. Snaaks eintlik kyk Trompie nie eers vir Jack as ons daar verby loop nie. Dis maar altyd Jack wat hom bespring uit die bosse uit! Is natuurlik ook omdat Jack nie meer buite sy erf pieps nie!

  3. Oh, Trompie, I’m so sorry they picked Jack up. Granny’s dog always walked around in the neighbourhood for almost 18 years and she made furriends with everyone, but no one ever called the dog catcher. I’ll give you and your mom an Extra Pawkiss for comfort and send extra love to Jack. Pawkisses for an Easy Sunday 🙂 ❤

    1. Thanks for the extra Pawkiss I need it! They are very strict here with roaming dogs also those without their licences. Jack is well know over the whole town! He goes with his owner to work and where he works Jack would also move around when ever he can. It is the owner who is in the wrong. 😀

  4. What an awful experience. It is sad when people take out their frustrations and anger on whoever is at hand. Clearly, Jack’s owner is a tad irresponsible. Trompie, you will have to source out another doggie friend!

    1. Lucky for my that I still have Conner (a poodle) Becky (a Labrador) Louis(also a tiny kind of poodle). Oh then the three cats (Buddy friendly cat, Noopy the grumpy one and then next door Tigger a ginger cat who is VERY friendly) >_<

      1. They can be a little irritating at times, especially if you are not used to it. It brings out Tiffany’s chase instinct when kids run down our hallway. She barks and complains at them.

      2. Since two days ago I just want to grab them from behind. My Mum did not like that at all, but what can you do. They ask for it by running away with a lot of gestures and noises. A dog has to catch and push them down.( I was really shocked when he did it the first time. Was only a toddler. I forced Trompie to stand still so that she could touch him. She turned around and ran away , that’s when Trompie thought: I’ll get you for touching me! The next day another girly came running in his direction and he also went for her. He does it only with certain children, others he would be as good as gld)

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