Visitor … Michelle’s Weekly Pet challenge

It has been nearly  3 weeks since Kiki’s departure!

My mum is going to look after two dog girlfriends in January.

Thursday afternoon these grown up human’s decided that I should meet these two girls.

I have met Coco before but not Millie.

Millie is still a puppy but twice the height  of me.

She is a black Labradoodle,

Coco also but she is like chocolate, yummy.

What an adventure.

We ran around like crazy at first.

I had to inspect all the fresh smells.

Remember I am still a male!

And TWO female…. whoo hooo!

I was dog tired when we returned home!


 This is not what I want to tell

I want to tell you that my Big brother and his wife are on their way to visit  her parents for Christmas.

They are taking  Luigi with them but poor Molly

who does not like to travel by  car

has been dropped off here with Mum and me.

She is the visitor I want to tell you about.

She isn’t very happy at all.

Waiting in front of the door to see if Luigi is coming back!

I invited her for a run and a play but she does not really want to do it.

I think she will be okay here.

We love her and will look very well after her.


9 thoughts on “Visitor … Michelle’s Weekly Pet challenge

      1. Alles loop glad en lekker. Het gister een van my kombuiskaste uitgepak en skoon gemaak.(daar was helfte v jaar n muis in gewees wat n spoor gelos het wat nou skoon is!)

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