Ho ho ho a unexpected present !

Whoo whoo whoo


This morning when we were walking back home

Conner my best friend up the hill came running to greet us!

That’s Molly, Mum and me.

Conner’s Mum gave my Mum a card and whoo

it smelled good!

Mum did not know there was a pressy for Molly and me taped to the envelope.

We went home after a while.

I kept showing Mum there is something for us in there.

Mum detected the pressy when she opened the envelope.

Here I am showing Mum what it is!

Smells delicious
Smells delicious

Molly also joined the fun of showing Mum.

(Sorry for the blurry photo but we could not stand still)

Molly joins the fun...
Molly joins the fun…


12 thoughts on “Ho ho ho a unexpected present !

  1. It is great to see our little darlings communicate with us! My mom’s dog Mickey got a prezzie of droe wors for Christmas and you should;ve seen her enjoy it! Thanks for sharing your gift with us!

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