We are home at last!

Hi-ho all my fffrrriends.

We are back home. It is VERY hot and I am itching,


nibbling myself!

Who knows to fix this itching?

No fleas.

Mum gave me a good wash and put some ointment on.

Gave me antihistamine too.

I am going to show you the two friends I had for 3 weeks.

First is madam Coco

Very dainty but, can she bark when Millie and I are playing!

Never ending noise she makes.


 She was sulking for about two whole days.

Poor girl.

She came outside and I could have a sniff at herIMG_8826

Then there is tomboy Millie!

Always on the go, looking for mischief.


She is as black as the night but sooooo quite

IMG_8934 I love them both.

Next time I’ll show you how lucky I was to  have these two friends for 3 weeks

I found Michelle’s pet challenge.

She changed it to



22 thoughts on “We are home at last!

  1. Looks like you had such fun, Scrapy! I know what you mean about the Poodle’s bark — we have one of those! I’m sorry you’re itching like that. Our Poodle, Pippin, seems to be going through the same thing. No fleas. We’re trying a recommended anti-itch shampoo. I hadn’t thought about the antihistamine. I’ll call the vet and try that. We’re thinking it’s either the grass or dirt in the back yard or the fact that he keeps getting into the cat’s dry food bowl. We’ve tried different foods. Sigh. Hope you’re itching is clearing up.

    1. I tried everything. I also think it must be the grass, dirt and maybe something in the food also. I really don’t know anymore. Antihistamine calms it a bit. This year it is very bad because he is not only licking it but also biting it now till it is open and sore. Poor dog, he can’t handle it anymore.

      1. Trompie’s best friend Jack(his owner) gave me the following this morning to try. Cortavance(expensive meds from vet) He said I could try it for a week. It is for relief of inflammatory and pruritic dermatosis. Hope it helps!

      2. At the moment after yesterdays dose and then this morning it looks a bit better. It is as if it dries out the skin.He still wants to nibble at times.

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