Still scratching


Yesterday I still did not know how to calm down my itching and scratching.

The spray I used helped a lot to ease the itching.

Mum could not take it any more and made an appointment to see the vet.

You know how it goes! They think :

fleas, food, dust, and what ever.

The bad think was-

we entered the consulting rooms Why do they have such slippery floors?

When we had to enter the room I slipped and slided.

Then they wanted to put me on my back to have a look at my tummy.

I nearly got a nervous break down.

Mum calmed me down and she helped me to let the dr look at the itchy places.

I got some extra medication and flea treatment.

I am feeling very relaxed and much better today.

Hopefully it will clear all up.

(last night my mum found a flea wandering on my tummy. She squeezed it between her finger nails.)

Here are some more photos of

Millie, Coco and me before we went to bed at night.

Mum had to calm us down every evening, we could go on for ever.


24 thoughts on “Still scratching

    1. Beslis geen grap. Hy slaap saam op my bed en dis n gedurige bytery en lekkery. Moet hele tyd met my hand op hom hou om hom te stop met lekkery. Dit het gelukkig nou gekalmeer. Dis maar altyd hierdie tyd van die jaar maar hierdie keer was dit rerig erg

      1. Dis juis wat ek die afgelope 4 weke al gegee het. Dit wou net nie opklaar nie. Gaan darem rustiger nou

    1. Itching is better but I had to stop medication because he wasn’t feel well Thursday. This morning he wants to scratch again.Sigh …….

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