Lovely 4 days with my friends. Part one. Weekly Pet Share

PART ONE   Friday 17 April

Ooo whooof

Amazing weekend with

Millie and Coco


They are waiting for me!

Wandering and running around early morning after  some rain.

Very wet


While Mum is in the shower my two friends

wait for her to get out of the bathroom


I have the pleasure to be in front of the bathroom door

they don’t like the bathroom.


37 thoughts on “Lovely 4 days with my friends. Part one. Weekly Pet Share

  1. What nice furriends you have, Trompie. That wet pawty was just pawsome. They must have been exhausted, while waiting on the chair for your mom 😀 Did you took the photo?… 😀 Pawkisses 🙂 ❤

    1. I love them both but ooo Millie never stops playing. I took the photo of them in their seats because when mum is near they usually are all around her. Licks and high paws 🙂 enjoy your warmer weather V_V

      1. Oh that sounds exciting! Is it going to be a puppy or an older dog? I am okay. Ups and downs but more up than down! I have a. lovely boarder. I met his wife this weekend too. It is really working out well! LOL

      2. I am so pleased the boarder is working out for you. We are getting an older dog…. her name is Rebel! We have to find a name that sounds familiar to this, or else maybe we will just call her Bell!

      3. Bell sounds perfect, near enough to Rebel for her to know the name. It is difficult and hard work for her and for you too to familiarize with new things. Have you met her already?

      4. Yes we did meet her. She is busy with a new litter just now, so at the end of June, she will be ready to leave. Also has to be de-sexed, but that has to wait a little as she had a caesarian birth this time

      5. That’s good that she is used to other dogs. Do you think Tiffany is going to be happy with Bell?

      6. Depends on if Bell wants to be dominant. They’ll sort it out themselves anyway. I remember that Megan my rescue dog wanted to be the leader even over me. I had to stand strong and showed her that I was first, then Nancy my own dog and then it was her turn. At times she’ll just attacked Nancy when she thought I wasn’t looking.

      7. They will work it out. They usually know how to react on the signs that are sent out to each other.

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