Bailey and Poppy

I am very jealous!

My mum visited two friends of mine without me.

She took these lovely photos to show me.


isn’t he gorgeous?


isn’t she sweet?



Sh usually does not even look at you but

today she was quite up and going.


14 thoughts on “Bailey and Poppy

    1. Hope my mum takes me with next time but I doubt it because these two are real inside dogs while I am a rough guy when it comes to the push!.I love playing. 🙂

  1. What cute little fluff balls Bailey and Poppy are… But, don’t worry, Scrapydo, they aren’t as beautiful as you. Besides, you’d much rather play outdoors. 🙂

    1. Aww, thank you. I love the outdoors more than indoors. Much more fun when you can run around chasing each other. These two are way to dainty.

  2. Ahh, they are such cute puppies. Scrapy would fall in love and then miss them when he got back home. It was best Scrapy didn’t go so he wouldn’t have to experience heartache. Adorable pictures!

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