Brrrrr, I had a haircut!

Mum usually grooms me.

Today she took me to a groomer and

she did a god job but


I am cold without my own coat.

I'm smiling at you
I’m smiling at you

There you have it! The naked truth!

The weather changed drastically. It is real winter now! Icy. Love you all!



25 thoughts on “Brrrrr, I had a haircut!

    1. Oh thank you! Remember I am a man-dog this fuss isn’t in my line of liking! Love to be dirty and macho

      1. Mum is going to put up my jackets and me later. You’ll see my face and body language!(Don’t like it at all!)

      2. Not funny at all, you’ll see. I don’t want to move when I’m dressed up in the one!

    1. You are welcome! My next story is ready to be published- photos etc. Mum just has to do it. She is so busy with all her fast fictions that she forgets about my blog. What can a dog do!? I need mum’s finger to type and press the buttons. Have a lovely day! licks to you and paws up! ^..^

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