My coats and me!


Some of you suggested a coat or jacket against the winter cold!

Some years back my ย now sister in law

gave me a thick woolen coat.

It is too big for Luigi.

I have never worn it before because my hair had never been chopped off during winter.

Mum took a chance on me this morning and dressed me up.


What do you think of that? Imported from the UK!

I also have a light weight all weather coat which is more in my line!

I don’t feel very at ease but I’ll get used to it.

Inside my home I put my yellow blanket over me.


29 thoughts on “My coats and me!

    1. Me too,own coat is much better. I had to look up that grand word sherpa coat! That’s what it is very grand! V..V

    1. Thank you. I am also getting used to it now. Better than these cold raindrops falling on my body!

    1. Second one is more in my line! I like it when it’s raining to wear it. Now I still need something to protect my ears from getting wet and cold!

      1. The dogs do feel it in their ears. Tiffany’s fur is long at the moment, to keep her warm, but we know when she is feeling cold, as you just feel her ears. Her new companion is coming in just over a week.

      2. Trompie always sits next to me when I blow dry my hair. I always blow his ears a bit. He loves it to be blown. Very exciting for you and the family too! I think Tiff will enjoy company.

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