Chicks adventure


Have you ever been so near a feathery, fluffy thing?

When you want to catch it people pull it away?

I nearly got hold of one of these fluffs!



25 thoughts on “Chicks adventure

    1. I only want to pinch them. They run around and jump happily I want to join them in their play

  1. Ooh, Scrapydo, I’m so glad you didn’t get your mouth around one of those little cuties. They’re so pretty, and I can see why you were tempted – but they probably wouldn’t make very good playmates for you. Best stick to Millie and Coco.

    1. They are very cute. I just want to hunt them down because they run around and make these peeping noises. Just makes puts me in a hunting and catching mood.

      1. Oh, such temptation. I bet you’d like to sink those sharp teeth into them, too. Good job your mum’s there to make sure you don’t Scapydo. You have other nice playmates. 🙂

      2. Mmm that’s what they told me. My big human brother had one in his hand and showed it to me and I stared at it(he put it right in my face) Lucky for him he had his big finger between us otherwise there would have been one chick less. I went for it in a flash!

      3. We could have done with a scene like that on video! Oh, Scrapydo, You’d have been in trouble if you had got your mouth around the little fluffy thing. No more nice treats for you would have been on the cards.

      4. I am glad my human brother’s reactions were faster than mine! He would have killed me too if I really got hold of it. Luigi and Molly are also in hunting mood when they see and hear the chicks. Glad I’m not living there.

      1. Ha ha nee dis nie n goeie tyd om kiepies uit te broei nie. Dis akl eiers wat S kon kry.

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