Caterday Art Blog Hop

The young me!


Mum edited me in ย Picmonkey


19 thoughts on “Caterday Art Blog Hop

    1. Mum told me about the little sister! How are she and Tiffany coping together? This cold blast is horrible icy cold!

      1. They are getting along really well, Trompie . Tiff is still the boss atm, but Rebel is testing the waters. It has made Tiff more active, less lonely, but there are moments where she loses patience with the young whippersnapper!!!

      2. You are telling me! I know how it goes, those young ones think the are the boss and never stop trying! I t is the same with Millie also, She keeps on and on never stops till you tell her off. It will stop for 10 min and then they try again!

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