Lady Coco

Lady Coco

is Millies older “sister”.

She is very aristocratic.


Wind blowing her hair!

There is also


Millie and Coco chase him a lot so I helped them also!


10 thoughts on “Lady Coco

  1. Love the photos. The traditional dogs chasing cat rules have been reversed in our house. Kitten is not afraid of the pooches and draws them out to play, it’s so good to watch! Every now and again she actually chases one of the puppies, but only ever the one (because she reacts so beautifully). The other pup (part Kelpie) thinks she has to herd the cat for us. So much entertainment!

    1. I can see the whole picture in my mind. When Trompie and I are walking and meet a cat Trompie Won’t try to chase it. I think the pack instinct kicks in when they are more than one. Munro loves Millie but I think Coco is jealous that’s why she starts chasing Munro

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