Out and about with two friends.

Sunday and Monday I had to go with Mum,

we looked after Millie and Coco and sleep over.

I had a good time with Millie!

Suddenly Coco would see something through the window.

She is always on the look out for her family.

Coco watching
Coco watching

You know what Millie does when Coco barks?

Naughty girl! Very rough when it comes to the push!

I'll just wait and see what happens next
I’ll just wait and see what happens next

I have some sad news. I have(or had) a big lump on the side of my neck. I had to take some big pills which did not help. Today, Wednesday, I had to be at the Dog Hospital at eight. They are going to cut it out, clean my teeth and also test my blood for all kinds of things. When you read this I will still be in recovery. Mum may pick me up at 5 pm again. My big human brother is going to come with Mum to take me back home again.

I’ll ask Mum to report back tomorrow and tell if everything went well!


28 thoughts on “Out and about with two friends.

  1. Love to Scrapydo while he recovers from surgery. He seems to have been through a lot. It must have been very worrying to find a lump on his neck, especially one that grew so quickly. Hope the lab results are good.

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