All ended well

Last Wednesday I had to visit the Vet.

No, wrong! Mum made an appoint!

I had to go for an operation!

Two weeks ago my Mum discovered a lump on my neck.

She took me to the vet and she gave some antibiotics.

The lump grew twice as big in a week’s time.

Back to the vet. Appointment made to operate.

They made a huge cut from one side to the other side across my neck and shoulder.

They sent the lump away for a biopsy.

Today, a week later the results came back.


My mum and I are soooo relieved.

Here are some photos of me the next day after the operation.


18 thoughts on “All ended well

    1. Yes, I was worried the whole week. The vet said if it had been an abscess they could drain and clean it but it was a spongy firm lump and also a second smaller one next to it. Hopefully they have made a clean cut and it won’t grow again.

  1. have you heard the big bang? that was the stone what fell off my heart… I’m so glad you got good news and the bad c-word is far away… I hope this wound will heal up quickly and it’s just a memory soon. POTP to you :ol)

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