Sniffing in the back garden!

I can’t believe that nearly month has passed without my Mum doing anything on my blog. She was so busy publishing her book that there was no time left for me.

She has published her first  e-book on Amazon and also sold her first copy! If you are interested you may click the link and have a look.

Well, back to me! Every morning after being out for my first walk, Mum feeds me while the kettle boils for her first cup of tea. Then she takes 3 slices of bread and feeds the birds.  There is a piece of table like thing high up so I can’t get to the bread.

Lucky for me the birds are greedy. They’ll grab a piece of bread and when I come charging out they fly away and most of the time the piece will fall and I can quickly snatch it up.

Here I am sniffing around to see if I can find some more!


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