Coach Potatoes : Caterday Art

Coach Potatoes
Coach Potatoes

The Three Musketeers ready for their evening in front of the TV.

Real Coach Potatoes!


I only cropped the photo and put it in a frame.


18 thoughts on “Coach Potatoes : Caterday Art

    1. No they know not to lick me! At night they sit all on my lap in the lazy boy chair. Trompie left leg, Luigi right leg and Molly between my feet and legs. Very comfortable for them but at times they are to heavy and have to change position. Still on my lap!

      1. I love them to bits but I am glad it is only one week away before my son comes back. The one hen is very naughty. She flies over the fence and chases the two Yorkies. Trompie would love to grab her but he is also afraid of her. Then there is a cat who jumps into the coop and that upsets all the animals. Bark, cackle and chase!

      2. I am trying! That’s why would be glad when they are back. They have to solve the problem. The neighbors got at least 4 cats! They use the garden here as their toilet too! As soon as I let my dogs out they all want to dig into the cat’s toilets! Stinky buggers!

      3. Oh dear. But you know, we can’tt overlook the fact that cats will be cats and dogs will be dogs. Cats are known to always use someone else’s garden for their toilet, and not their own. They like to keep that nice and clean. 😀 Just hold on in there, Ineke. Not too many days until they’re back now.

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